Inventory clerk training from £50

Who is this training for?
Anyone who is involved with rental property and understands the advantage of a detailed inventory will find this course useful e.g. letting agents, landlords, tenants. It is also ideal if you are looking for a role with flexible hours, either part-time or full time.

What is an inventory clerk?
An inventory clerk makes a detailed document listing all items in a rental property along with their superficial condition. This inventory is used at each end of a tenancy to track changes. Tenant Deposits in the UK must legally be held by one of several official deposit services. At the end of a tenancy, an accurate ‘inventory’ acts as essential evidence, should there be a dispute over deductions from the deposit.

Do I need accreditation to be an inventory clerk?
No. Anyone can set up as a self-employed inventory clerk, with or without a certificate or accreditation. However without training one may not be able to produce reports of the high standard which are required in order to be useful as evidence in the event of a dispute e.g. at the end of a tenancy.

How much does the course cost?
The cost of joining as a Tutor-free Member is £50.
The cost of joining as a Full Member is £125.

How long does the course last?
Tutor-free Members have 8 weeks access to the course.
Full Members have 12 weeks access to the course.

What do I need for this course?
Tutor-free members do not require any additional resources beyond access to the course.

If you enrol as a Full Member, you will ideally use a Mac / laptop / PC to help prepare the inventory assignment, although a neatly handwritten report would be acceptable. You will also need access to a property for assignments (this could be a rental property, but it could also be your own).

How do I gain the certificate?
Tutor-free Members must complete all quizzes within the 20 modules and pass the Final Test with at least 85%.

Full Members must complete all quizzes within the 20 modules and pass the Final Test with at least 85%. In addition, Full Members must submit a full property inventory which the course tutor judges as ‘fit for purpose’.

How will the tutor help me?
The course tutor is available to Full Members to answer questions about the course or inventory clerk work. Detailed feedback is given on inventory assignments.  This is an invaluable aspect of the course which is not found in other training resources.

Can ICTC help me set up an inventory business?
For students who gain the Level 2 Certificate (as a Full Member), we can offer a free telephone consultation with our in-house business and marketing expert. ICTC also has contacts with the largest inventory clerk franchise and employer in the UK.

How much does it cost to set up an inventory business?
The cost of setting up as an inventory clerk is very modest compared to many businesses. Apart from the cost of transport, the necessary equipment need not cost more than a few hundred pounds, mainly comprising the voice recorder/camera.

Do you use a specialist software e.g. on a tablet or smartphone?
The ICTC course assumes you will be writing or dictating the inventory for typing up e.g. using the template provided. You will be able to include photographs in the report.  Even if you at a later point decide to use specialist software, the training prepares you very well with the experience of creating an inventory from scratch with a free range of vocabulary.