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You can enrol in either of these ways…

As a Full Member for £125.  This option gives you 12 weeks access to the course, along with tutor support and feedback on your inventory assignments.  Once you have submitted an inventory which is “fit for purpose” and achieved an 85% pass mark in the Final Test, you will be issued with the ICTC Level 2 Certificate.

As a Tutor-free Member for £50.  You get 8 weeks access to the course, in order to study the content along with associated quizzes.  Completion of the multi-choice quizzes and an 85% pass mark in the Final Test are required for the ICTC Level 1 Certificate. Students who would like to upgrade to become a Full Member may request this at any point during the 8 weeks or once they have gained the ICTC Level 1 Certificate, and by paying the balance amount of £75.

Upon completing the secure payment process via PayPal you will be sent an email allowing you to complete your registration and gain access to the course. If you have registered as a Full Member, the online tutor will contact you shortly afterwards.

Course Features Full Member Access £125 Tutor-free Access £50
20 modules
Online quizzes
Free Word templates
Tutor guidance
Assignment Feedback
ICTC Certificate ✔  Level 2 ✔  Level 1